Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hungry People Don't Stay Hungry For Long

I cannot in good conscious thumb my nose at acts of hedonism, we are all guilty of it (In our own ways). If you want to down a six pack in your boxers and wife beater with the intent of passing out while watching Designing Women, more power to you. This is America and if a person cannot do what makes them happy --like vote Republican--, then you are letting the terrorists win.

Now, I realize I am largely out of touch with mainstream America or America in general but I was under the impression that obesity is epidemic in our society. Arguably, the source of this social ill is the fast food industry. We all --some more than others-- are willing participants in this game, giving into our insatiable cravings. Who hasn't gone to a fast food joint because it is quick and cheap. What has me frothing at the mouth with rage, is the contempt that these companies has for you as not only as a consumer but as a human being. Please consider the following advertisement.

I had to watch this commercial twice before I realized it was not a gag. Not only is the latest weapon in the Colonel's arsenal a disgusting example of America excess, it is blatantly racist. I can handle the undertones telling the viewer, if you do not consume a Double Down regularly "you will be less of a man" and "forget about being able to satisfy your wife sexually." Throwing caution to the wind with its foot firmly on the sprouts of America's collective masculinity, KFC also decided to perpetuate heinous stereotypes that bothers me. Seriously, this is what I took from this marketing campaign... Whites are dumb --or simple-- to a fault and Black people tend to get all riled up about fried chicken. Thank you KFC for portraying HUMANITY in a poor light. It does not stop at just Black and White males, the Colonel furthers his descent into bigotry by showcasing a "Hispanic" version on their website.

While I still have my ire up, it must be noted that KFC wants you to a mindless automaton --more euphemistically known as a "consumer"-- when it comes to their products. They have a slogan that you might notice, "UNTHINK..." Which is code for, "eat our products and enjoy" or more precisely, "trust us, we did all the thinking for you. After all, the millions we spend on market research illustrates that we know you and what keeps you happy." As I mentioned previously, I could care less about whether or not a person consumes fast food or even the "Double Down," what offends me is having a multinational corporation asserting that the cost of doing business with them is my dignity. God bless you, Kentucky Fried Chicken for relieving me of my ability to think, it has been such a burden.

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  1. Oh-- but wait! Did you notice it comes in a "grilled" version? Clearly this MUST be for the person watching their caloric intake.