Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do You Like Books? Do You Like Clubs? Then You Will Love a Club That Reads Books.

Who does not like books? Philistines and heathens... that's who... oh and Communists (They hate everything). Not you though, reader of this blog, you are not only intelligent and discerning but good looking too. After weighing the pros and cons of such an undertaking, the magnanimous folks here at PORTEmaus have agreed to form a book club (Take that, Oprah) with the simple hope --nay dream-- that others might join in and get those mental juices flowing. (We are but humble men attempting to do the same)

If thought-provoking discourse is not your thing, please consider this poll taken from the Times, "70% of those polled agreed that not only are readers cool but they are considered to be far sexier than their non-reading counterparts." Now, who can argue with a statistic such as that? For those who do not consider reading their "bag," we have you covered... We'll do the reading for you, granted you would still have to "read" the review.

The specifics of the club will be discussed with the announcement of the first book... on June the 1st.

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