Friday, May 14, 2010

Remember the Wuss You Stole Money From, Who Instead of Fighting Back Merely Peed Himself and Sobbed? On a Grand Scale... That is the Democratic Party.

There is an inherent difficulty when one attempts to eulogize the living. One must conjure grand visions of eloquence, phrasing meant to inspire, witty anecdotes about times spent and company enjoyed to those who knew the deceased. While it would certainly be valid to assert that the Democratic Party is in the midst of its "death throes," I doubt many would agree with such a bold declaration. It might seem to be melodramatic but at the very least the Democratic Party in America is suffering from an acute case of impotence.

I imagine you are wondering how I came to such a conclusion especially with a Democratic president and controlled Congress. Elementary, dear Watson. During the course of the last 40 years, the Democrats have mainly been the opposition --feebly... More on that later-- to the Republicans hegemony over American politics. Case in point... 3 presidents elected during this span (Carter, Clinton and Obama) and only one of them has been reelected to a second term (Clinton). Why has electoral success eluded them for so long? In addition to the failure of devising a platform and message, Democrats --as a party-- exhibit an odd mixture of passivity and cowardice.

Let me first preface, I am liberal (a leftist at heart) and unabashedly so, yet I am sickened at what this party --has reduced itself to. It has made a firm movement to the center to "woo" and "schmooze" undecided voters, even though the party has the most registered in the nation. (Allegedly, 72 million voters are Democrats against 55 million registered Republicans) I understand the desire to remain competitive in a climate that is growing increasingly Conservative, however one does not sacrifice the principals the "party" was built upon to achieve this... Especially when one has an electorate edge. Previously, there was a resemblance of caring for the less fortunate... Strides were made to increase educational access, civil and social rights... In short, there was a progressive agenda. This has been abandoned with the rise of the New Conservative party, whose message of Gays, guns, god and security has proved to far more effective than any platform adopted by the Democrats... Which is a middle of the road --watered down-- version of the Republicans'.

In terms of its ability as an opposition party, the Democrats have left much to be desired. During the Bush administration,__ the Democrats willingly engaged in bad policy/ politics voted in droves -- Feingold was the lone 'nay'-- for the Patriot Act and 29 out 50 Democratic Senators (61% of their congressmen did as well) for the Iraq War... These and other issues of mass importance (Bush stimulus), their collective voting record fails to delineate them from their Republican counterparts. (The House statistics are marginally better)

If they continue down the path they currently tread, the Democrats are going to find it difficult to return to the White House --and secure Congressional seats-- let alone retain it. It is time to return to the progressive ideals of the party's admirable past and offer a true opposition when in the minority. You have allowed the Republican carte blanche in legislation and actions... When faced with corruption at the highest levels of government, you have rewarded such behaviors --Assuming that "The question of impeachment is something that would divide the country" when the country is already divided is absurd. Then again, this is irrelevant now.-- for reasons unknown. You were decent once and could be again, if and only if you adopt a clear political message that definitively shows that you are the party of the mass man and not an merely extension of the elite. Your behaviors or rather the "predictable capitulation" needs to change or you will be on the outside looking in... Maintaining your "charade of opposition." As the saying goes: "Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It," the Democratic Party has been doing that for the last forty years, lets not continue it on into the next forty.

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