Monday, June 7, 2010

All of the Intrigue, Gore, Romance and Theological Fanaticism of a Dime Store Mystery Novel but it Actually Happened: PORTEmaus Book Club Entry One

I have never been known to be a cautious man, I tend live life by the seat of my pants. If it feels good, I do it, like eating an entire birthday cake or kidney punching a clown... You get the gist. Actually, all of that is a bald-faced lie... I am creature of habit, who finds overly planning things a joy.

With that being said, the decision to pick a "safe" choice for the inaugural book in the PORTEmaus Book Club contradicts my very natural. We should have went with something with mass appeal and the literary content that our readers demand... Like Twilight or Go Dog Go. However, caution has been thrown to the wind and a --fantastic, thus far-- polarizing and scathing indictment of the world's most notorious private military organization has been selected to lead off our monthly book series.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction and the tale of Blackwater certainly fits this assertion. So, its time to hit up your local library --you know, the place with books that you can borrow for free-- and check this bad boy out. Also, keep you eyes out for periodic updates as to where we are with the book and for the full review at the end of the month. Without further ado, enjoy and good luck.

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