Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm The Criminal? You've Got The Nerve To Ask Me...

I have been known to bend my own rules --from time to time-- out of necessity. If there is nowhere decent to eat, I will eat at McDonald's or some other fast food restaurant to satisfy my hunger or debase myself for the sake of a paycheck week in, week out... Such behaviors are defeating and usually result in self-loathing. However, there is one place that just burned its last chit with yours truly, Manny Funkowitz and that is the capitalist goliath and social pariah, Walmart.

Walmart and I have a hate-hate relationship, I hate it because of its purported virtues, the commercialized neighborhood "friendliness," its brass knuckle business practices but also its assertion that it is the best deal in town. The whole economics side of Walmart's mantra "Save Money, Live Better" is fallacious. (It also expects that Consumerism will solve all of your life's problems.)You are paying the same or more for normal everyday items. Wow, you can save $30 on a poorly constructed television... Go you. Now, Walmart hates me because I will only shop there when I am desperate, which leads me to the point of this diatribe.

Short on time before going out of town this past weekend, I was tasked to obtain some dog food and laundry detergent. After quickly gathering said products, I snagged some water and snack mix (I do not advertise for free folks) for the journey that lay ahead. After paying for my four items, I made my way to the door, followed closely by a near middle aged woman and her son. (With a cart full of assorted crad) Almost immediately, the aged "greeter" drops what she is doing to demand my receipt (clutched in my left hand). After looking it over, then my cart of --unbagged-- items and me several times, the suspicion of thievery was lifted and thereby cleared me to exit. How about the lady with the cart full of items? Oh, she got waved to and thanked for her business, not once was there a move to break her stride out of the store.

I have long pondered over this experience and I am wondering if it was good ol' fashioned agecism or a firm hatred of men who dress sharply and have patchy beards. Most assuredly it was the latter, there was a way to handle such an absurd situation and she failed miserably. I'm sure there is a deep black market of stolen goods such as dog food and water but honestly, electing not use plastic bags does not make a person a criminal. (It makes them more environmentally minded) Furthermore, don't hassle the guy with four items and if you do then trot out that fantastic customer service that you bandy about in your ads but doesn't exist in practice. I can not foresee a reason to shop there --not even in desperation-- short of if my life depended on it... Which one has to wonder if their life will ever depend on cheap, poorly made tube socks or any other inferior crap.

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  1. After reading through this a third time... It fails to express the anger in my heart for Walmart nor does it fully explain it.