Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oddly Enough, It Was Not Matt Lauer and Al Roker That Ruined my Day...

Now, I am not one who regularly watches "Today" or any other morning news show for that matter, for I can't stand so much pep in the morning. However, last Thursday while sitting on a pull out bed in a hospital, I witnessed the most appalling segment in recent television morning "news" history. (The operative term(s) would be "fluff," "tearjerker" or "feel good piece.")

It was not the story that was appalling, in fact assisting inner city Black youth receive proper education is admirable but it was rather the Today "correspondent" --as you know Today is a cutting edge investigative journalism program-- Jenna Bush that made me vomit in digust.

Truth be told, even the fact that it was not her or her smug sense of self-worth that particularly bothered me nor her "I feel for poor people thus, I can relate with them candor." It was the fact that the host acted like she was not the daughter of the most polarizing President in United States history.

I suppose I shall be stoned --let he who is without sin cast the first stone-- for condemning someone for the sins of their father. Frankly, I refuse to believe in the whitewash of Bush, his presidency or his policies. How quickly everyone forgets. Allegedly, his children are more liberal (highly unlikely),

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