Sunday, August 29, 2010

So... What's in Your Wallet? Oh, Look it is a Bus Pass, Two-Dollars, A Receipt and Extremist Conservative Rhetoric. Score!

I was sitting in my office, stroking my newly trimmed beard, contemplating the future of American politics and I had a Archimedes moment. Eureka! I exclaimed... Eureka! Of course, my wife came in to the room to investigate and upon hearing what I discovered... Promptly left while leaving lingering curses in her wake.

To most of this nation's pundits, the Tea Party "movement" is going to be an enduring movement. Critical gains have been made and GOP defenses exploited during the mid-term primaries have led many to believe that the Tea "Party" is a force to be reckoned with.

I humbly disagree and I will let my comrade Occam's Razor do the explaining. The Tea Party is basically the extremist arm of the Grand Old Party and as such will not elicit votes from Liberals or Independents. In fact, it is doubtful these candidates will garner many or any of the votes from moderate or liberal Conservatives.

If one looks to history, two variants from the same ideologies will ultimately split the vote. Don't believe me, ask the world's largest president (waist-wise), William Howard Taft. Still not convinced? Try, father of the most controversial president... George H. W. Bush.

So, keep patting yourselves on the back for winning a couple of primaries... It will ultimately be more difficult to face an opponent with mainstream appeal. Certainly, they might win a few seats but those will be in districts that typically vote Conservative anyway. So, what is in the wallet of the Tea Party movement? Devoid of any cache... It is ultimately just moths and lint.

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