Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everyone Knows the American Presidency is Nothing More Than a Popularity Contest... Sadly, This Popularity is far from Enduring.

How delicious are crunch berries? (Hey, Cap'n... I'll take that bag with a dollar symbol on it) They have it all... Artificial coloring, beaucoup amounts of sugar and no redeeming nutritional characteristics. What better way to jumpstart the day than by comsuming a bowl and taking a gander at the greatest new publication in American... Time Magazine.

The story I seemed to happen upon was how unpopular President Obama has become. Now, I know what you are thinking. Here's comes the Liberal apologist train right on schedule. Wrong. Obama and I are at odds by his refusal to repeal the FISA and Patriot Acts.

At these point, my Crunch Berries have become sour... Now, it was not because of increasing sogginess but rather the inability of a news magazine to be analytical.

It is easy to put the finger on Obama's rising unpopularity... The economy, the war in Afghanistan and newly reclassified operation in Iraq... Immigration among other reasons. It kind of reminds me of another President:

Who would have thunk it? The continuation of unpopular initiatives would result in someone becoming unpopular. Crazy, no?

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