Saturday, September 11, 2010

Move Aside, Gloria Estefan... There is a New Sound Machine in Town.

In one of the oddest occurrences, much like a zeppelin bursting into flames (I'm a fan of obscure Hindenburg references), I found myself watching Fox News. Ok, "watching" is both too strong of word and way to generous.

While visiting the in-laws, getting my oil changed and grabbing a bite to eat, Rupert Murdoch's sound machine was providing the ambiance. To each their own but honestly when did businesses assume that all their proprietors are Conservative? I concede, I do live in Arizona... The most politically astute state in the union.

What struck me was this blonde anchor bickering with some graying neanderthal about the whole mosque affair (That has them all riled up) or some other overtly racist position. Forgive me, I don't dwell on the stories appearing on Fox News.

What struck me as odd was the fact that one side was trying to have a "civilized" albeit skewed discussion and the other was screaming as he held his hands over his ears. Talk about eating your own! I thought they reserved that tactic for dealing with liberals.

This was my first extended exposure to Fox News... If one had their frontal lobe removed, it would not have been bad. All style and no substance... Kind of sounds like the rest of the media. Also, I almost felt sympathetic for the blonde anchor for having to put up with such treatment then I remembered she works for Fox News and she knew what she got into.

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