Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tales of Suspense #89: The Incredible Shrinking Castro

Many of you are wondering why I would tackle something as "topical" as Fidel. Hell, a vast majority think "Commandante en Jefe" finished his bucket list and then kicked it. (The proverbial bucket not the scrap of paper)

Two weeks ago (I told you, it was not only topical but current to boot!), I was sitting at my desk and I was thinking about Fidel's magnificent beard and how mine shall never attain its greatness... This had me wondering what the perpetual thorn in America's side was up to these days. Without a doubt, he is combing his beard and affixing pretty red bows in it!

I concede the bows part is slightly far fetched but it appears the "troublemaker" (I use this term loosely) is busy reinventing himself as an elder statesman. I suppose this is where I hear the collective groan of "c'mon Manny... Please don't wax poetic about a Communist despot."

Certainly, a man cannot maintain control of the proletariat without force and not for a span of over fifty years. This is what makes the transformation so fascinating. Here is the quintessential global pariah (we still maintain economic sanctions and he is not even in power), who is advocating for Israel's existence, hypothesizing a nuclear conflict between the United States and Iran (oddly enough, he has lost his thirst for nuclear annihilation) and is avid enthusiast of dolphin shows.

I suggest that everyone check out Jeffery Goldberg's series of articles in Atlantic Monthly... They provide an insight into a man very aware of his own mortality and is seeking to alter his place in history. There are those who would consider it a whitewash of history. I am not an apologist for dictators of any sort but come on, United States history still thinks the Shah was a godsend to Iran... How did that work out for ya, fellas?

The sad thing is that once Fidel is gone, the United States is going to be forced to reevaluate its stance toward Cuba... Being the stubborn lass that she is, she will have to come up with a doozy of an excuse to maintain the previously mentioned sanctions. Seriously, the Bay of Pigs was nigh fifty years ago and frankly Communism lost its relevance as a political ideology almost twenty years ago... What good is it to hold a grudge? Just bask in the glory of the beard, it is mesmerizing... After all, they allow to house prisoners without due process on their soil. (Ok... Ok... That was a cold cut.)

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