Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Political Attack Ad is a Fart, Who went to the Dooty to buy some Boogers... (This is a Mad Libs Reference)

You know what I love about the American campaign season? If you guessed the attack advertisements (granted, those are the only the type employed) then you would be correct. They are all stolen from the same page from an used copy of Mad Libs.

You scoff and exclaim "How dare you knave! American politics is complicated fare and it can not be reduced to something as simple as Mad Libs! I would strike you, if not for an assault charge."

You don't believe me... An attack ad is essentially the following:

(Name of Opponent) is a (Derogatory Term), who voted for (Unpopular Legislation) and seeks to erode (Ideological Difference). Is that who want representing us in (Office Sought) and protecting our (Flowery Political Language)?

As absurd as this sounds, this serves as the basis for these ads... I suppose if something has worked for decades of television politics why change it. Yet, this is why the political discourse in America is so puerile. Is it too much to ask for some innovation. Then again, if I am asking for that, I might as well as for the return of intelligence to American politics. Where is Santa when you need him?

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