Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nobody Likes the Guy Who Shoots His .45 in the Air... Do Not Be That Guy... He is a Jackass. Happy New Year.

Out with the old and in with the new... That was what Mama Funkowitz would always say. It was her own personal mantra, bless her heart. If her car was a year old, she drove it into a ditch and would buy a new one. The second we all turned one year old, she went to the nearest nursery and would take the newest infant*. (*This was a JOKE!!! Me Mam was not a baby thief nor do I think she was one.) Moving on.

I do not share this mantra, I refuse to celebrate the passage of time. However, one cannot be a seventy year curmudgeon all the time unless they are seventy and obstinate or incontinent. With that said:

Happy New Year!!

I truly hope your New Years was a safe one, in which you partied hard but not that hard. No one wants to end up like these guys...

Or wake up next to them for that matter. Also, you know that woman is not there by choice, she was either kidnapped or being paid. I am thinking it is the latter.


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