Monday, February 28, 2011

Cue Oscar rebuttal....aaaaaaand Action!

So maybe my friend and supervisor manfred is right...maybe the oscars are just a popularity contest these days. Will that ever keep me from anticipating and watching them every year...absolutely not. Sometimes their decisions don't always match my particular tastes(shakespeare in love over ryan?...julia roberts over ellen burstyn?), but to be fair cinema like other forms of art is a subjective medium. So who am I to say that the choices made were "wrong"...or "right" for that matter. So get over it, sit back and enjoy the show. Because what the oscars does better than awarding the "right" talent is create a show in which memorable moments are made by the handful....some are painful...(lettermans oprah/uma bit) while others are endearing(adrien brody running on stage overflowing with emotion that he bends halle back and kisses her like only a real hollywood gentleman can). Like I said in my previous post...what better movie night is there than the oscars?.....its not always about being the best but about enjoying cinema in its entirety.

So here are some quick thoughts about this specific oscars and the winners that were chosen.

- Kirk Douglas stole the night....his son Michael had the best line of the Golden Globes about a month ago...and here the father shows the same amount of sophistication and charm as he scores some of the best laughs of the night without being completely self deprecating....his delay of announcing the winner was priceless...Spartacus will always be a legend...

- Bale is such a badass....he's so obscenely talented and I'm happy he fact I should do an article on him because the guys is a Harsh Times, The Machinist, and then The Prestige....his transformations are insane....

- Inception took home four oscars: sound, sound editing, fx, and cinematography....completely solid wins....the effects were amazing and seamless....I would have loved for Libatique to take it but Pfister turned in gorgeous work...and ALL of the praised Nolan above all....damn straight

- Aaron Sorkin name checked Paddy Chayefsky.....if you don't know who that is you're probably the type of person who wouldn't like my blog...and that's fine...but if PTA, Nolan, Fincher, and Aronofsky are inheriting the reins of great american directors(yeah yeah nolan is in there I know where he's from douches)...then Sorkin is definitely Chayefsky's heir to throne of socially relevant and intelligient writing

- Portman for best actress....Ozma has a song dedicated to probably do the same if I could write and/or play music....oh yah and she earned this defining performance...

- Spielberg's list of best picture winners and losers was awesome and gives new meaning to the phrase..."its an honor to be nominated"...or as he put it "you are all in good company"

That's about it...I should have the next movie night up in about a week...I know you're all anxious to read it so I'll try my best to get it out soon

Final thought: Eli Wallach owns....if you only know him from the Holiday please go right now and watch some of his films.



  1. I will say this... Kind of bummed that Franco stunk it up or at least was panned. I thought he would do pretty well. We watched the episode of 30 Rock in his honor and it made up for it.

  2. Hey, was that "the Holiday" reference referring to me? Yeah, whatever.