Monday, February 14, 2011

My Gym is a Hot Bed of Conservatism!

I understand that this sounds like the penny novels of yore... You know the ones, "Communists Consumed My Children!" or "My Infant Actively Quotes Rousseau!" to name a few.

It seems I broke my resolution to tone down the awesome as I began going to the gym. Not to lose weight mind you as I am skinny as a rail or Abraham Lincoln but to... That's not the point.

Anyway, the first day, I was working out on the elliptical and was looking at what was on the televisions overhead. One was the local WB affiliate, the other Food Network (That is one way to motivate people to lose weight... Get them salivating over pretentious food) and the remainder are dedicated to perpetuating right wing rhetoric.

Honestly, I could care less... I am more about getting in shape and listening to english rock than trying to stomach the O'Reilly Factor(something that always airs when I happen to work out). This is not a leftist voicing his opposition to Fox News. I could give the slightest of shits. This is the best someone can offer their clientele?

Seriously, someone might try to market some research. You know, find out what those frequenting your gym might enjoy or for the sake of (whatever) percentage of liberals frequent it... Avoid any political voice. I want to get ripped not engage in politics... Regardless of its persuasion.

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  1. Of course, getting ripped is objective... It more is a matter of getting in shape. Oh well...