Monday, February 7, 2011

Tickets, Tickets... All Aboard, the Film Foray Cavalcade!

The main goal of PORTEmaus when it was first conceived and developed was to create a forum for politics and culture. Ultimately, for the better part of its first year, it has just delved deeper and deeper into the realm of the poor man's Huffington Post. There is nothing wrong with that but it was neglecting one of the main tenets of this blog. At the start of the year, Bence began the "Movie Night" columns (which are amazing and everyone should check them out... Hint Hint.) I am going to be posting short reviews of movies that I have watched. The main decision behind this move is that I watched an awful movie and the world at large needs to hear about. (Please note: World at Large = the 5.34 people who frequent this page... Keep it up! We love you) So, keep checking out "Movie Night" with Bence and delve into the inner workings and finer aspects of cinema. Then if you are bored, come listen to me rant about bad films.

As always... Who loves you baby,

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