Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Began About A "Punny" Commercial That Was Bothersome... However, it Revealed my Fear of Mimes

They say that mime and ventriloquism are the lowest form of acting and comedy respectively. I would like to make the case that puns are the dregs of composition or writing (take your pick). This is not an a lecture in English composition. I am simply curious to why reducing such things to puns or plays on words is prevalent in our culture but mime (see picture below) or ventriloquism cannot seem to catch on.

I concede... After looking at that picture, I am glad that mime has not taken off as those two have scared the proverbial pants off of me. Those two will be chasing me through my subconscious for some time to come. Anyway, puns are a source of irritation for me, they seem like they require no creativity at all. I get it though, they work well enough to sell products and even I have been known to chuckle at some of them.

This is better explained by the following quote, "New business, by definition, means products and subjects on which the creative people are largely ignorant. This is why they look rumpled and dazed and have tousled hair and pimples and why most of what passes for creativity is puns."

Of course, if one was looking for Shakespeare and not the degradation of humor than I suppose you would not be looking at commercials. Then again, when faced with the alternative, I would take puns over mimes and talking dummies... Now, I need to go see a psychologist to get over the mental anguish over the twins up there.

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