Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 ways to pass time while PSN remains dead in the water

Greetings and Salutations,

I figured it's time for this closet eccentric to earn his pay check here at the offices of PORTEmaus. So I have devised a Top 5 list of things to do to pass time while PSN remains DOA. Why not a Top 10 list? Listen...I said earn my paycheck...not look for a promotion...let's take it down a notch. So without further ado..

5. Finally watch that deluxe double disc Blu Ray set that you bought on Black Friday but never watched - There's something about a blu ray sale that our conglomerate can't resist. It's like the film nerd version of the Semi Annual Victoria's Secret Sale.

4. Call your XBOX 360 at Gamestop and try to convince it to take you back - I hear playing Peter Gabriel out of a boombox works well.

3. Wishfully anticipate a class action lawsuit settlement payout - I just hope it's enough to buy a preowned copy of Disney Sing it! Pop Hits

2. Play Password Roulette - It's like Chat Roulette except without all of the Male Genitalia. There is nothing better than trying to figure out creative new passwords that adhere to each website's individual requirements and aren't the name of grandmother's poodle.

1. Portal 2 - It has been quite sometime since I've been so stumped that I've want to smash my controller to bits. But with this game you can't, because the puzzles are fair and just as you think about smashing your controller you realize that you probably should finished that 1000 piece puzzle in middle school instead of playing another round of Street Fighter II. Plus, what's not to like about voice-over work by Stephen Merchant?



  1. #6 - Buy "GoldenEye 007" for the Wii on play it on Nintendo's seemingly impenetrable network and play against this guy.

  2. Pretty solid list... For a group of people that used to play on PSN all the time... Why did I not know that the PSN is down. I suppose I should have read the emails they send me. Also, I dig number six.

  3. LOL...I meant to tell you I picked up Goldeneye...I haven't had a chance to play it much though.

  4. Yeah I finally just tried out GoldenEye last weekend, it's pretty awesome. It seems people are either split on liking it better with the classic controller or the whole wii super canon phaser blaster or whatever. We'll have to play it online soon.