Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The King is Dead. Long Live The King... The PORTEmaus Literature Society

Over the past few months, the PORTEmaus book club has been dying an agonizingly painful and slow death at the hands of none other than me. I have yet to finish the book that I intended to review and it has been well over three months since I began it. Curse you foul and loathsome course texts. With that said, I will review the book... What was it again? Has it been that long? Oh yes, A Farewell To Arms... Regretfully sorry, Hemingway old chap.

Out of the ashes of the PORTEmaus Book Club comes the PORTEmaus Literature Society... Basically, it will be basically be the same model as the Film Foray Cavalcade in that it will review books that have been read with out all of the mishegas of having to write updates that nobody reads. With that being sad, I hope to have the first entry up soon since classes are winding down thereby allowing me to pursue other hobbies.


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