Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eighty-Nine Year old Man Hypothesizes World Will End in 1994 was Wrong so the World Ends This Weekend. What a Buzzkill, Who can plan for that?

On a particularly beautiful and sunny day, I had picked up my daughter from preschool and we were making our way home. I had previously discussed my habit of reading the bumper stickers on other person's automobiles. Much like the victim's rights one, I read one that was irritating... For those not in the "know," the world as we know is going to end on Saturday, May 21st.

Move over Y2K and the belief of technological armageddon... The fire and brimstone people are back with a vengeance. The long and short of this is that these people (crazy) feel that we have been living with hell (crazy) on Earth for the past few years and after May 21st, the world will meander for a couple months ending with the universe's total destruction on October 21st (crazy).

I am not saying these soothsayers or this prophecy are crazy... No, wait that is exactly what I am saying. This guy plastered this mishagas all over his work truck and frankly I do not what this guy unclogging my toilet (he was a plumber) let alone in my house to do it.

The mastermind, Harold Camping, behind this theory has come up with a few doozies in his day, including the same theory back in the mid-90's and the world still turns. Camping is a firm believer of using mathematics to fit his prophecy... Namely, 2+2= 5/3.14 = Rapture. Who can argue with that, it is simple order of operations.

Every religion has its own set of beliefs that others find to be ridiculous. This particular theory (I will treat it as one since the guy seemingly makes them all the time) should be considered as such since it completely ignores scripture. Sorry, but the hypotenuse of a triangle divided by the area of a quadrilateral multiplied by 7 gets you nothing more than math... Skewed but math nonetheless. So much for the mysterious ways or coming quietly in the night... The almighty is coming with a wrecking ball. Which is a shame, have you seen the universe lately? It is a beaut. See you all on May 22nd or not.


  1. "No eye has seen, no ear has heard what the Lord has in store."

    Obviously this tool-bag hasn't actually read that book he preaches, because if there's one thing it's rather clear on, it's the whole thief in the night, nobody knows the actual day/time thing concerning that whole thing.

    Supreme Potentate Carpathia would be super-pissed at such poor research!

  2. We discussed this at length in the parking lot of the Phoenix Art Museum (Gonzi was in on it as well)... You are completely right though. This is another example of someone writing their own prophecies. Sadly, people buy into this crap. Then they look foolish when it does not come true.

  3. serious ...except 2012...that shit is totally going down!