Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh Atlantic Monthly why has Thoust Forsaken Basic Journalistic Prinicples and Turned to Fluff?

Whoa, I have the most urgent of news and must insist that the presses be stopped. In fact, remove the plates and smash them on the ground. Return them to whence they came. Then of course, get some new ones and get ready for some knowledge. No, I am not speaking about breaking news on the Osama front nor was Vice President Joe Biden caught with a finger up his nose.

I suppose I have kept you on pins and needles long enough. It seems that noted Blackberry fiend, Barack Obama has... Gasp, an iPad 2. Ok, quit hyperventilating and take the gun out of your hand. The world will continue to turn, all will be right with it once again. Hopefully, he still has one in his pocket, otherwise Research In Motion (RIM) will remove the corporate sponsorship of his presidency. Then he may be forced to rock one of these sweet babies:

Now, I know what you want to ask. "Manny, who gives a crap if the President of the United States has an iPad?" I wholeheartedly agree with you astute reader. This was my initial reaction to reading the article about it. It had me wondering, when did an iPad become a rare commodity? Is his made out of solid gold? Does it have an app for launching nuclear warheads from space? I bet he used his copy of Angry Birds as the strategic basis for the Osama raid. Honestly, I would have been impressed if the article stated that President Obama employs a cybernetic organism from the future (yes, the product placement and ties to corporations are so strong with his administration that he receives products before they are created) with built-in spreadsheet functionality and a built-in beverage holder for his sweet Honest Tea.

The sad realization is that one of my favorite publications, The Atlantic Monthly, is not as good as I had once thought. The fact that they pay someone to write up trite drivel pieces of no consequence is disgusting. At the very least, one could hire someone who did not get their journalism degree from Northeast Western Missouri Polytechnic Institute and cannot fathom what a good idea is. Also, if you are in need of individuals to regain the prestige of your magazine and to fill the void left by his departure (I hope this person was canned) then I could point you in the direction of four talented gents.

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  1. and i definitely started laughing at the self serving last sentence....ATLANTIC MONTHLY ain't got nothin on us...or king kong...or something big within our field...which i suppose is what? politicians that ruminate on quarter life problems while they listen to music and watch somewhat obscure films?...ill stop ...what i meant was LOL...yah