Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who is to Say That The Copper State Does not Seek to Protect all from the Scourge of Involvement? Not This Gent.

What Arizona (henceforth known as The Copper State) makes up in mineral production, it lacks in tact politically. I have alluded (even though such things require no allusion to) to the backwards political nature that would make a Neanderthal blush. The case in point is the permission slip for wee bairn Funkowitz to watch President Obama's speech on education.

The speech (delivered yesterday) was recorded and will be shown today during first period. Thankfully, the school district understands the controversy inherent within the President's speech and thought of the children. For you see, nothing is more fiery than the topic of education.

Yet, this marks the third annual airing of the President's speaking on matters of education. You know the basic message of last years speech? According to the permission slip, President Obama "encouraged students to study hard, stay in school and take responsibility for their education."

Incendiary! What is he thinking, promoting proper education? The scoundrel! As I began frothing at the mouth having read this single piece of paper aimed at protecting the school from the complaints of (Conservative-minded) parents.

Lady Funkowitz then asked a great question, "would you opt wee bairn Funkowitz out from watching a speech about education delivered by George W. Bush?" The answer is a sincere, "no." For you see, educational policy affects everyone regardless if they come Conservative or Liberal households. While I do think that children in Kindergarten should be doing something more productive like reading the classics such as Hop on Pop, Curious George or The Grouchy Ladybug, it is kind of interesting to hear that some kids are getting exposed to American politics early in life... That is unless their parents opt them out. What a great thing to teach your children by the way, if you do not like or agree with something, simply ignore it and it might go away. To think, people wonder why partisan politics persist.

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  1. This has never happened with previous presidents and will never happen with future presidents. And you know what...I would actually respect the parents who this was manufactured for if this just came out and said "the thought of a black president terrifies me. The reality of a black president has turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic."