Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks for Running Your Trap Hank... Now, I Won't Have to Miss the First Five Minutes of Monday Night Football

Wow, those are some rowdy friends you have there Hank... Wait, is that Gloria Estefan?

The sports world was rocked earlier this week when a portly singer opened his mouth on Conservative television. He was immediately fired from his cushy job of inserting two new teams into the same tired song every week. Sadly, I get what he had been trying to say, the issue is that he was too dim to understand that this comparison would have inevitably lead to President Obama to Hitler.

Hank Williams Jr. said that he was merely trying to say that Obama and Boehner golfing together is strange because they are polar opposites. That is a fair assessment, he could have just said that and he would not be out of a job. The comparison and subsequent association of our President to Hitler was unnecessary.

Honestly, people are making a big deal out of what was said and the firing. I have a question that has gone unasked from moment one. Why was Hank Williams Jr. still doing the introduction to Monday Night Football? Did I step off a time machine into the past into the nineties? For nearly nineteen of those twenty years that "Are you ready for some football has played," I have made sure that I have missed the intro.
Seriously Fox News, this is who you go to for insight into electoral politics... Was Nugent unavailable?

Should Hank Williams have been fired (and yes, Hank... Nobody believes it was your decision)? Yes... Because the song he would sing once a week was (for lack of a better word) crap. Wait, I have a better one... It was shit (yes, that will do nicely). This is the point missed in the hullabaloo over his widely clumsy analogy (which would require a time machine and probably end with Netanyhu bludgeoning Hitler over the head with a 9 iron) plus, he has constitutional rights to say dim things that nobody not even the Fox News anchors interviewing him can agree with. After all, many liberals made the same comparison between W. and Hitler... I know I did. Anyway, this could have been avoided if ESPN fired him for an actual reason... For being an unnecessary and altogether obnoxious element to it's weekly football telecast. Good riddance, Hank... Ye shan't be missed.

Personally, I cannot wait for the fallout from Faith Hill's (she does the same thing Williams did for ESPN but on Sunday Night Football for NBC) for comparing (I'm just riffing) Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar to a mallard.


  1. Unlike some people, I actually understood what his analogy was TRYING to say and not immediately come to the conclusion that he was comparing Obama personally to Hitler or any of his grotesque actions. Was the analogy a little over-the-top? Well, does Kareem Abdul Jabbar have to lean over in tall tunnels? This all doesn't change the fact that Hank Jr.'s song should have been lifted from that spot years ago.

    This, coming from someone that knows how high his pops, Hank Williams SR, sits on the tower of song.

    (HINT: It's a hundred floors above me)

  2. Yeah..I had mixed feelings about this whole thing. While I think you should be able to say whatever you want without fear of legal persecution...your legal rights are a separate issue from your rights as an employee. I've seen people fired for less.

    Also, ABC had to expect who they were hiring was a country boy who if given enough Whiskey and a forum to speak his mind..might say some uncomfortable shit.

    What can you we get to see Barry Sanders every Monday