Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is that the roar of fireworks off in the distance?

Uncork the bubbly and put on your party hat...

It seems like yesterday that the Maus broke the milestone of twenty-thousand hits. In the grand scheme of things such an event is nothing more than a drop in the bucket especially if compared to such behemoths as Google. Well, it has not taken us that long to hit the twenty-five thousand mark! Honestly, such developments are exciting to myself, Bence, Hawk and Gonzi. I do not know if I have mentioned it before but not many people read this blog in the beginning. In fact, roughly 24,000 of these hits game from the period of April to December. Talk about a growth spurt!

Anyway, it is exciting to witness the continued growth of the humble website that could. If January 2012 is any indication then we are off to fantastic start and could be doubling this number very soon. Hopefully, you all enjoy the fruits of our labor on this site as we enjoy creating it.

Your humble wordsmith,
Manny Funkowitz

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