Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Wish List 1/24 Too many to list this week, just make your way to the store now.

Really amazing week with multiple releases from two great directors.

50/50 - Jonathan Levine
Written by Will Reiser about his real life battle with cancer. This has picked up a few writing awards along the way and we'll find out tomorrow if it can make the jump to Oscar. Rogen can definitely turn a lot of people off, but Levitt is an exciting young actor. The guy picks challenging material and is alway game to try something different. Just check out his performance in Mysterious Skin or The Lookout. I missed this when it was in theaters, so I'm excited to get a chance to see it.

Manhattan - Woody Allen
So you should pick up both this and Annie Hall, but for this list I'm going to put Manhattan here. My new hometown(for now) is presented here in amazing black and white photography as Woody gives us one of his best films a a love letter to his first muse(before Europe came along). Like I said Annie Hall is out this week too, which is a great film, but I'm dying to see how the cinematography in Manhattan looks on Blu.

Rebecca - Alfred Hitchcock
This whole list could have consisted of this, Notorious, and Spellbound as they are all on Blu and all were previously out of print on DVD. I will say I have a bit of a soft spot for Spellbound and the dream sequences Dali designed. I have the criterion DVD set thanks to some digging from Mama Bence, and the behind the scenes stuff of Dali working on it is great. Notorious is also out this week, but we're here for Rebecca. Rebecca is just a masterpiece of cinema. A brilliant movie about the past haunting us and being caged in by our own fears. With an amazing performance from Olivier, and gorgeous cinematography this is one of Hitchcock's best film(I know that's a silly statement). To have this on blu, this would for sure be my choice of the three. They are all necessary buys, but this is the one that will get me in line Tuesday morning.


One last thought - Lucky McKee is a completely underrated director. His work on the outskirts of horror is unsettling and weird and kind of amazing. May is a huge triumph, and The Woods never got the release it deserved. I haven't seen this yet , but this sounds a bit rougher than his previous efforts.

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