Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is That a New Lease on Life I Spy on Your Face, Richard Cheney?

You all know I enjoy a good Cheney story as much as the next bloke but his latest exploit is stuck in my craw. No, no, he is not spitting venom towards former colleagues (breath a sigh of relief, Dirk Kempthorne), it seems that the man who placed sixth in an Oswald Cobblepot contest was given a new ticker.

I am little perplexed by this development. Did UNOS' policy simply disappear when Cheney hopped on the list twenty months ago? What next the lifelong alcoholic receiving a liver or the heroin addict awarded new valve? True, Cheney played by the proverbial rules but who fell asleep at the ethical wheel? I know that if I were in the position of authority to bestow organs (and thus life) then I would pick the gent with the twenty-five year history of multiple heart attacks (five) and congenital heart failure.

This will most likely come across as a bad monologue from Jay Leno or a person who is not a fan of anything remotely Conservative but it seems like a waste of a perfectly good organ. After all, a heart transplant provides up to fifteen years after the operation and everyone knows the most enjoyable part of life is the years seventy-one through eighty-six. Make them count, Dick. I best see pictures of you cliff diving, synchronized swimming, bungee jumping and riding a unicycle and not appearing on Fox News or Meet the Press. All in all, it seems a little odd to complete this operation on the "ceiling" of prospective candidates... Then again, life is wasted on the young.

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