Thursday, March 1, 2012

Proof of Life... The Phrase not the Crappy Movie with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe

As one might have noticed, the month of February was quite sparse in the realm of content from not only myself but the other gents. Of course, being the man that I am, I feel that this kind of warrants explanation. Oddly enough, the reason is not one of laziness, which really is not too odd but rather surprising. Simply put, I spent the better part of the month looking for and obtaining employment. After all, how is one supposed to avoid having their knees broken by student loan sharks (Sallie Mae) otherwise? That lot will take blood from a stone.

This month also saw the addition of another wee bairn to Clan Funkowitz and when given the choice of sleep or punching a series of letters into a keyboard... I chose the former. Sorry chappies. Fairly selfish of me, I know. Anywho, as a form of penance (no "Hail Mary's or Our Fathers"), I am going to attempt to do something unheard on this site. I am going to attempt a post a day. Yes, you read correctly, everyday in March will have a new post. Perhaps, at this point, I should preface that all of them might not be gems or home runs... We will see though. Hopefully, this will serve as a worthy apology for the month that was February. Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am speaking to myself at this point.

Your humble servant,
Manny Funkowitz

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