Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top of Morning to Ye... Pass the Corned Beef, Please.

I love Saint Patrick's Day, it is one day in the three hundred and sixty-five that being Irish is celebrated with endless pints of Lager and a steaming plate of corned beef and cabbage. The other three hundred and sixty-four days, the Irish get potatoes thrown at us for being soulless red-haired freckled gingers. Those are stereotypes that hurt, although I do perpetuate by being a red-haired Irish man with a soft spot for the particular stem tuber (It does help that I eat the ones tossed my way... Why waste them? I ask rhetorically).

Anyway, St. Patty's Day is a joyous day and I take any excuse to wear a green top. Too bad it is associated more with boozing and carousing than snake banishing. I suppose we all cannot be Orthodox. Who am I to judge, I am the biggest stereotypical Irishman as they come. With that being said, be safe as you make your way pub to pub and wear green lest you want somebody pinching your bottom (Unless that is your bag).

Also, congratulations to Bence and Twincess for tying the proverbial knot. I apologize in advance for my public drunkenness in advance.

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