Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Wish List 4/10 Dinos, Space, and Murder

Nice collection of eclectic choices this week.

Tyrannosaur - Paddy Considine
Paddy Considine is a wonderfully diverse actor. His range an ability to dive into characters reminds of Sam Rockwell a lot of the time. From his work with Shane Meadows, to his work with Edgar Wright the guy is always entertaining and captivating. Now here he is with his first feature film. This is a story of a man plagued by anger and rage and the relationship that might have a chance of breaking his shell, only to find out she has dark secrets of her own. Enlisting Peter Mullan was a perfect choice and I know he will inhabit that character beautifully. Really excited to see this and I hope Considine pulls this off.

Into the Abyss - Werner Herzog
Herzog uses a triple homicide case to delve deep into human nature and search out why it is we kill, but just as a intriguing why it is that a state would kill as well. The dark recesses of the mind have always been a fond spot for Herzog, one need only look at the shades of gray clouding the mind of Grizzly man to see that. Herzog is a powerful filmmaker and this subject matter is so inherent to the human condition I'm sure he probes deep to give some amazing insight.

A Trip To The Moon - Georges Melies
The jewel of the week. This is a painstakingly restored print of the film as it was first intended. Melies originally hand painted the print to provide color to the screen. These prints were lost for many a time and most of us saw this film in black and white. This is the Blu Ray of the 2010 restoration and it appears to be a great set. It of course has the color restoration, with a soundtrack by Air. I'll be honest this would be the first time I get to see the original version the way Melies intended. It also has the black and white version with three different audio tracks in case the Air soundtrack doesn't strike your fancy. There is a documentary on the history of the film, and the restoration process it went through, and finally two short films from Melies. Hope this set is as amazing as it sounds. Essential viewing for anyone remotely interested in film.


One last thought - For you Manny, I know how much you liked Sucker Punch, well here is Emily Browning's follow up. A soft core sleeping beauty tale....enjoy.

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