Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Wish List 4/24 Spooks, Spooks, and Spooks

It's raining outside, sure wish I had the last disc to keep me occupied all day.
The Innkeepers - Ti West
This one caught me by surprise. Not that I didn't think West could do it, his last film showed promise but ultimately fell short in the end, by I was surprised by how much this film stayed with m after I watched it. This is a quirky little film about two slacker innkeepers spending one last night before the inn gets torn down. It plays out like a light buddy comedy with some dark undertones. But when shit goes down, it gets downright creepy as the inn shows its true colors. Here's my original thoughts.
The Red House - Delmer Daves
Always excited to find lost cinematic gems. Here is a story of taking a shortcut home and hearing tales of a house in the woods where screams and horrors lives. This of course means its time to explore right? This stars the always amazing Edward G Robinson, excited to check this out.
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - John Irvin
I mentioned this release last month when the Alfredson version came out. Hawk praises this as the far superior piece of work, and with near triple the running time I imagine we get a more fleshed out piece of work. I loved the film, and thought it impeccable made. If Hawk says this is even better, then I will absolutely be picking this up.

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  1. You may or may not be wowed with the Tinker Tailor blu-ray set, at least from an A/V standpoint. From what I understand, despite being shot on 16mm film, the transfer is not something to write home about. They probably used a inter positive instead of going back to the original source film to do the transfer. The audio fares a little better I read, and though it isn't lossless, there's been a lot of solid blu releases that aren't any better than a 640kbps audio offering.