Monday, June 25, 2012

Disrupting Gonzi's Food Situation = Not the best idea

So I have a few jobs. I've got a few neglected jobs here at PORTEmaus and then there is my support my family jobby job. Every now and then I get into adventures there that I rarely get into on our site. While I wouldn't call the following an adventure, more like a miniscule event that caused Gonzi to snowball a rant that would make Mr. Rooney proud. At least I hope.

So none of this actually took place at my job or with other employees but at a nearby food spot while on lunch break. I went in to get a sandwich. Went through the motions and of telling them what I wanted to order, what toppings, etc. And when it came time to pay I thought "Oh yeah. This place gives discounts to people who work for the company I work for...I should show my badge and get on that." So I did. And the girl behind the register says:

'Oh. We don't offer discounts for *Blank* employees anymore."

Me: 'Oh ok. No problem'

Girl: 'Yeah the owner stopped offering it because you guys weren't coming in as much as *other blank* employees.

Me: '...ok'

Other Girl: 'Yeah. Maybe if you tell people over there to start coming in more we can talk to the owner and get the discount back for you guys.'

Me: '......................ok...'

So I left with my food and at first this didn't bother me. Then I started to think about it. Let me break down the logistics and facts to you to help you understand what sparked my rage snowball:

-This food joint's clientele is about 98.9% employees from surrounding businesses as it is built no where near residential or other retail shops.

-There was a competitor across the street that sold ideally the same type of sandwiches,  done the same type of way, for the same prices that went out of business. So it has the sub market cornered.

-When it opened, this place offered discounts to the two surrounding LARGE companies. It now only offers discounts to the one I don't work for.

-The subs are average at best.

So let me get this straight....This place feels like it's not getting enough business from one of the companies it offers a discount to. So it's solution is to take away the discount privileges and let the employees know that maybe....JUST MAYBE....if we start to frequent the establishment more, we will get the discount reinstated. Interesting.

Sandwich making me at Camera 2.....

First turkey club twat....don't give me an ultimatum. Show some respect for your elders. I was playing with Micro Machines while you were just a glimmer in your high school dropout douche bag of a father's eye.

Secondly.....tell your scumbag of a boss that he has no idea how to keep people coming back. Has he considered that maybe the reason we stop coming is because the bread is stale...the lettuce looks old and decrepit, and it's almost impossible to get out of that place without spending 10 bucks on lunch.

Thirdly....just as easy as I can spread the word about how we need to go to this place in the hopes of possibly getting a discount back that we previously had.....I can easily tell everyone "Guess what those scumbags at that Sub Place did? Took away our discount and insulted me for asking for it. DON'T EVER GO THERE AGAIN."

Got it? Now go back to texting your stupid friends about how you can't wait for the new Katy Perry movie.

Look, revoking the discount in the face of what should be an easy corner of the market to me seems like an act of desperation. Clearly, he was already feeling the pressure of declining business and had to resort to recouping losses however possible. It's just a shame that it had to go down like this.

On the positive side.....I wrote another Haiku! Check it:

Cheap Sub Shop Owner
Took my miniscule discount
Fire Turkey Twats!

I'm still working on this poetry Make sure you follow me on twitter. I've even got a fancy domain that takes you straight there:


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