Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flick Bits: Marvel Phase 2 UPDATE

Hey MAUSketeers just wanted to bring you a quick update on some great happenings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically with their "Phase 2". I have some monster posts brewing but some of this news is just too exciting to pass up.

Some of this is a little old but I thought I'd chime in with some thoughts.

James Gunn Confirmed for Guardians
Wow. Marvel is not afraid to think outside the box and boy are they getting crazy with this choice. Gunn is a crazy director, who's foray into the super hero genre yielded a genuinely unique and dark entry in the genre. You can read my thoughts on Super here. Not my first choice for a sci fi epic, but if anyone can bring a rough around the edges leader and a badass raccoon with a talking tree to life it's Gunn. Extremely excited about this.

Sharon Carter in Cap 2? Carol Danvers in Avengers 2
Rumors are up and swirling about the lead female characters in some of these new Marvel films. We all know Portman is back for Thor 2, but with Cap jumping to the modern day it seems destined for Sharon Carter to be introduced. As for Carol Danvers? She's an integral part to the Avengers as of late, not to mention more powerful than most of the men on the team. They say Emily Blunt is up for the role, I definitely think she can bring enough badass to the role to make it work, but also the levity needed. Looking forward to see these play out. Maybe if they wait like 8 years Chloe Grace Moretz can get the role.

Ant-Man CONFIRMED for late 2015
Edgar Wrights passion project finally gets the go ahead. After years of speculation and campaigning it seems that we will finally see an Antman film after Avengers 2. I suppose that puts this in "phase 3" territory, either way I can't wait. Not the hugest Ant-man fan, but with Gunn on Guardians and Wright on Ant-Man we are in for some(hopefully) incredibly unique super hero films. And ...maybe Ant-man will lay the ground work for Ultron in Avengers 3.


One last thought- Coulson LIVES! At least in TV form as it seems Coulson will be an integral part of the SHIELD TV series

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