Sunday, May 26, 2013

There are far worse things to binge on: Welcome Back, Bluths!

The Idiot Box: Arrested Development returns...

I'll admit, when I first saw the advertisements for Arrested Development, I wrote the entire series off. Seriously, David Cross in cutoffs, no thank you. Due to a lack of anything being on television one fateful Sunday evening, I watched the second episode, Top Banana. Needless to say, I was completely wrong and the series has a devoted and loyal fan that never missed an episode. The day that the series ended back in 2006 as a four episode side-note on a Friday night was more than depressing. Like most, I held out hope that the series would return in some capacity (Either on Showtime or a movie) but even that looked bleak.

All was not lost, I had the DVDs and even after multiple viewings, the series (and the episodes themselves) never lost their wit or ability to make me laugh. Over the past seven years since Arrested Development went off the air, I have exposed the series to other people (including Lady Funkowitz) as my contribution for keeping the show relevant. None of it mattered in the grand scheme of things but damn it, it was a show that everyone should give a chance even if the network did not.

David Cross (in one of the "bloopers") explained why Arrested Development was put to pasture on a network notorious for putting out shit:

Flash forward seven years later and the impossible has happened. Netflix picked up the series for a fourth season consisting of fifteen episodes. At 12:01 am, all fifteen episodes became available and my excitement knows no bounds. Of course, I am worried but that the episodes will not be the same (think Community) but it will be great to see these characters again. Mitch Hurwitz somehow caught lightning in a bottle the first go round and I expect that he can pull it off again. Plus, if the episodes suck (I still have faith), I have a sounding board for the three readers who frequent this page. Now, if you excuse me, I have five and a half hours of television to watch.

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