Thursday, August 22, 2013

President Obama blamed for Katrina response... In other news, a sizable percentage of Louisiana Republicans have lost their minds.

Bush doing 1% better at responding to Katrina than President Obama (Yeah, that does not make sense to me either)

Although it might sound like a horrible joke to begin a Jay Leno monologue, apparently twenty-nine percent of Louisianians blame President Obama for the Executive Branch's response to Hurricane Katrina. A poll conducted by the Public Policy Polling (a left leaning policy firm) revealed that many of those polled suffer from a horrifying cause of revisionist history. Wait, I take that back, to engage in revisionist history, you at least need to understand a minor amount of history.

For you see, even from a semantics perspective, blame cannot be placed on Obama since Hurricane Katrina happened three years prior to his presidency... Thus, he was not part of the Executive Branch. Granted, a lot of people are upset with our President and it is kind of funny that the TPM put him as one of the options. You cannot accuse them of being totally biased. Yet, for one person to select that option (let alone a full twenty-percent) is startling. It reveals a level of vitriol resulting in a level of forgetfulness that would make a person suffering with amnesia blush.

We now live in a time where the President of the United States is responsible for ills not related to the position. You can blame him for Drone Strikes, the economy and healthcare but why stop there? Cable out? Obama did it. Your favorite sports team lost, yet again? Oh, that was not an inferior sports performance by the team... It was Obama (Seriously, check any comments on a Sports page, people truly believe that). Stubbed your toe on the bowling ball that you left out, you can bet your ass that was the President of the United States. It does not matter what it is or the myriad of factors that cause something, the President is always to blame. You know, my interest is piqued... I wonder what else can be attributed to President Obama even when there is evidence to contrary.

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