Friday, August 15, 2014

PORTEcast (08/15/2014) - The Dark Knight Rises (Part I)

PORTEcast (08/15/2014) - The Dark Knight Rises (Part I)

We were rummaging through some boxes in storage and came across this gem from the archives. Never before posted on comes the episode that covers the prologue and trailer to The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, this episode has been edited together multiple times and then subsequently lost multiple times... It truly is a miracle that this ever made it to air well over two years after being recorded. This episode also seeks to explore and confront the hidden (and horribly written) underworld of the teen movie reviews. Gonzi, Hawk and Manny conclude the episode by discussing the less than favorable review (if you can it that) of a film that was an entry in a local film competition and the cult behind directors in cinema. So, enjoy this gem because it is highly likely that part II might be lost before next Friday.

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