Friday, August 8, 2014

PORTEcast #2 (08/08/2014): Something Found in our Storage Locker

Today's Episode: Something Found in our Storage Locker

It is a Friday and that means that today another PORTEcast is being released and it covers such up to date content as the Summer Blockbusters from 2011! Yes, there will be a brand new episode on Monday, we just felt that it would be nice to get everything in one place. After all, if you did not catch Volumes I through III than this is new to you! Also, you will not have to travel various places to get these three episodes as they have been spliced together into a slightly longer version than your normal PORTEcast. So, enjoy this blast from the past for the first time or as a nice morsel to tide you over until Monday.

To Download today's episode:
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