Monday, September 1, 2014

PORTEcast (09/01/2014) - Good Idea, Bad Idea / Guardians of the Galaxy

PORTEcast (09/01/2014) - Good Idea, Bad Idea / Guardians of the Galaxy

We here at PORTEmaus hope that you had a fantastic labor day full of brewskis, chilling and grilling. While you were having fun, we were hard at work getting another PORTEcast ready for your listening pleasure. Today's episode marks the return of Good Idea and Bad Idea, where Bence poses some thought provoking questions about the possible Inhumans film and also the explicable decisions made by the suits with regard to the Edge of Tomorrow re-branding. The second portion of the episode focuses on Guardians of the Galaxy and the discussion of its place not only within the Superhero genre but its place in cinematic history as well (Lofty statement... Yes. However, some people say that it is as good as Star Wars). With that said, I hope that you are not too partied out as this PORTEcast is about to start!

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