Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PORTEcast (05/20/2015) - A Winter Visit to Gotham

PORTEcast (05/20/2015) - A Winter Visit to Gotham Download this episode here AS many of you know, we here at PORTEmaus are pretty big fans of the man who dresses up as a bat that pummels criminals into submission (Batman for those not in the know) and there was a little (operative word being little) interest in the television show that takes place in his city. After catching a couple episodes, Wazzman and Manny firmly washed their hands of the series because of its absurdity (They fit a villain who kills people for balloons for pete sake!). When this episode was recorded in November/ December, no one could foresee it getting picked up for another season, maybe it improved after the exploits of the balloon man.

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