Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Tenth Anniversary of the War in Iraq

It has been a while since I have written a Muckraker piece and it seems fitting to discuss the 10 year anniversary of the War in Iraq. This event in history is one of those events that people like to look through the lens of hindsight and point out that Dubya (and his brain trust) was wrong to invade. For some, this was apparent through the use of foresight.

I know what you are thinking, "whoa, Manny, there is no way that you could have know that Iraq would be such a cluster." Elementary, my dear reader. It had all of the markings of a tragedy but we (as a nation) pushed ahead. Regardless of the outcome, we have to ask if it was worth it. Honestly, it is difficult to say that the world is a safer place now that Saddam is gone. It certainly is not in Iraq and wasn't that the point?

Ten years have past and we still debate the merits of the invasion. "We should not have went in." Duh, thank you good old hindsight. Hindsight is practically useless since the aforementioned foresight told you that Iraq was a grenade waiting for the pin to be pulled (Saddam being ousted). The war in Iraq always had the markings of being a mess, you just had to see the signs or at least, the media should have done its job to highlight them. In the end, it is ten years later and one has to wonder if the ends truly justified the means in this one.

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