Monday, October 6, 2014

PORTEcast (10/06/2014) - Creating the Next Generation of Nerds

PORTEcast (10/06/2014) - Creating the Next Generation of Nerds

When did it become cool to be a nerd? Manny says it is nothing more than Madison Avenue hawking its wears on the unassuming masses and Bence makes the argument that parenting plays a large role in the development of the next Nerd generation. This episode examines the factors that influence the cultivation of nerd tendencies. In particular, parents are actively sharing the books, films and television shows that were important to them. In this episode, Manny and Bence share some of the cultural items that turned them into the coolest nerds on the block and how this has influenced their creation of miniature future nerds (their kids) as well.

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