Thursday, January 22, 2015

This was truly ugly: The worst show of 2014 was True Blood

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 2014

This is the continuation of the year in television following one of the worst shows of the season.

The Ugly - The year in Television

True Blood

To be completely fair, True Blood was never a good show, it was at its best (the first two seasons) an entertaining soap opera with gratuitous violence and frontal female nudity. Every season after the second kept the violence and nudity (No complaints from this reviewer), while introducing a heavy dose of stupidity and poor acting for good measure.  It must be said that I never went into this show thinking it was Deadwood or any other iconic television show but the expectation was not to leave the episode watched angry because forty-two minutes were wasted.

If you asked me what happened during the final season of this show, I would respond with a blank stare as literally nothing of importance transpired. I suppose I meant nothing happened in a figurative sense because something was filmed and presented over the airwaves. I do know that the main plot of season seven could best be described as a "C" story that I spent wishing that the writer would switch back to non-existent main story. Episodes would focus on forcing a love story between Anna Paquin's character and a wooden stump that she had no on-screen chemistry with... Wait, they are married in real life? That makes fucking sense since he is about as charming as a kick in the sprouts.

Overall, the final season of True Blood felt like a bad attempt at improv as nothing made sense nor was thought given as to what should happen save for Eric making it and the stump dying. I know that was a spoiler but who gives a shit, it was a feeble attempt at evoking an emotional response from the audience that was long gone. Honestly, if HBO wants to know why The Leftovers had low ratings, look at its lead-in, it was a show that was so bad that it left the viewer angry. I think now is time that we reward HBO not with the cancellation of subscriptions but with a class action lawsuit for having to watch this show and the fact that Girls continues to be aired (I would make a Lena Dunham naked pear joke but frankly, I am do not have the energy). There is not much more to say except that this shit was one of the worst things to make the airwaves regardless of the year.

Honorable Mentions: Modern Family, The two minutes I saw of Mulaney (Since that was all I could stomach)

Parting Thought: I am impressed HBO, you bookended this look at television. Also, I spoke with my fellow plaintiffs for the class action suit, we will settle the suit for three more full seasons of Deadwood... Make it happen.

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