Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Get That Hitchin' Thumb Out, We are Going On A Birthday Adventure!

Today is the second of October and we here would like to celebrate the birthday of one of our own. Here is to you, Bence, you old so and so. How does it feel to be getting older? Well, put those sad and altogether depressing thoughts aside! Do I have a fantastic day planned for you!

After an pretty filling breakfast, all of us PORTEmaus gents will venture north to one of the wonders this world has to offer, The Grand Canyon! Let me tell you brother, you have not loved live until you have hawked a loogie over this side of that bad boy! It really puts things into perspective. It leaves you reflective nay contemplative.

So, get that rucksack packed because we are leaving straight away. Seriously, I am on my way, right now. Wait. The Grand Canyon is closed? Damn, shutdown!

Well, looks like the PORTEmaus jaunt is canceled... Happy birthday anyway. Lousy government shutdown ruins everything. At least we can look at pictures of the Grand Canyon on the National Parks website... What do you mean they closed the website down too!


Seriously though, Happy Birthday!


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