Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi, I'm Bence...nice to meet you.

Hi again. After the immediate surge in traffic after my last post I have been graciously offered the chance to supply my own humble opinions from time to time. I suppose it should come as no surprise that I intend to be quite focused on film.

So I've had this idea for a column in my head for awhile and I hope to bring it to fruition here at Portemaus.

I call it "Movie Night". There's nothing better than hanging out with friends and family and watching some movies, drinking and talking about them. The French did it the best during the New Wave. Godard, Truffaut and Chabrol amongst others would sit around and watch movies ALL DAY. I'm talking 3-5 movies a day. They'd drink wine and talk and discuss and write articles about them. To top it off if they had any ideas they'd grab a camera and go shoot a few scenes.

In my last post I mentioned that I enjoy searching out all cinema has to offer and to find film masterpieces from all over the world. I propose that in each installment of movie night will discuss a few movies. Maybe one...maybe 3....maybe I'll get brave and write about a whole directors ouevre. The point is I want to discuss a set movies that are loosely connected in the hopes that I can expose this massive readership to some gems that maybe they wouldn't have seen otherwise or at least to incite some discussion. Of course I will not solely live in the depths of obscurity, rather I hope to have a healthy mix of films. So I invite the lot of you to engage with me if you can. Feel free to comment and I will do my best to respond in a speedy manner as long as it's ok with Master Funkowitz. The man does keep us all here on quite a short leash.

I should have the first installment up within a week or so and am planning to contribute one maybe two installments a month. Any more than that and Manfred said I should begin looking for another job, and in this economic climate I really couldn't afford to leave the offices of Portemaus.

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