Monday, January 24, 2011

Now, for the Conclusion of Bence's Analysis of 2010 in Film... Films Five Through One

5 - The Social Network - David Fincher

Movie of our maybe? I feel like as I watch this film over and over the more I will like it. Who knows maybe it will even crawl up this list, but for now it lands here in the middle of my picks. Anchored by an incredibly intelligient script and the best score of the year Fincher takes us through the origins of Facebook and gives us a glimpse of the modern social experience. The first scene in the movie is by far my favorite. It sets the tone for the whole movie and the exchange between the two makes the perfect statement on communication that the rest of the movie analyzes in greater detail. With star turns by Garfield and Eisenberg and Finchers confident direction the film is a huge success and another step towards Finchers masterpiece which I firmly believe we have not seen the best he can do

4 – Exit Through The Gift Shop – Banksy

Real or not Banksy crafts this documentary with the style and audacity that goes into his more well known “street” art. Here we have equal parts celebration and indictment of street art as we see the form go from underground cool to the epitome of sell out with Mr Brainwash at the center of it all.

3 –Toy Story 3 – Lee Unkrich

The best of an already perfect series of films. Woody holding the phone as Andy speaks gets me everytime.

2 – Inception – Christopher Nolan

Last time Nolan went up against Aronofsky it was TDK vs The Wrestler….TDK for the win. Here Aronofsky edges out Nolan. Still this film is AMAZING...Nolan describes it as his James Bond movie but damnit as cool as Bond is there has never been a bond film as complex and slick as this. What amazes me the most is how complicated the plot is and how many "realities" he has going at once yet through his masterful direction and editing as long as one is paying attention he never loses the viewer.

1 – Black Swan – Darren Aronofsky

Ok so truth be told i LOVE Darren Aronofsky. He is easily my favorite director working right now. That out of the way this movie is BRILLIANT. It is by far his most mature and refined work to date. Is it my favorite? probably not that still probably rests with Requiem but that's neither here nor there. I could go on and on about this film, but ill spare you all more of my dribble. So here's just a few points Libatique's cinematography is so cold and precise and matches our heroines mindset so perfectly it blows me away, Mansells "adapted" score is so subtle and nuanced that its a shame he wont receive more recognition for it, Portman has NEVER been better this is a performance of a lifetime. Aronfosky makes films about passion and how that passion can always lead to obsession and how that obsession affects us as humans. He is enamored with this idea whether that passion is information or drugs or love or acceptance or perfection he explores what ultimately drives our lives. Here in this film he shows us so beautifully how hard the journey is to fuel our passions.


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