Tuesday, October 16, 2012

God as a Zilla... King as a Kong.

It has been awhile since the last time I addressed you all in this manner and I hope that I have not been forgotten. I have taken the opportunity to escape from my doctoral shackles to take some time to bring you up to speed with what is happening in the hallowed halls of the Maus.

Foremost, Bence has relocated to a place where it gets so hot that rain evaporates before it hits the ground. A location where winter is merely a slight breeze on an ordinary 70 degree day in December. Anyway, welcome to Arizona, one of the oddest states in the union. Take that daylight savings! You have no place here.

With all of us here in one state, hopefully it will mean that we will create more content for all of the PORTEmaus loyalists out there. All three of you. Hopefully, this means more PORTEcasts that will be recorded to only sit edited on my laptop. Well, I know what I will be doing this evening...

Finally, what letter from the editor is not complete without a progress report. While such a number might not seem like a big deal to most, our proverbial little engine that could has hit 50,000 hits! Not bad for web site that used to only be viewed by the people who wrote them (we are not narcissists, I swear). Anyway, it is always great to know that things are moving forward and not simply standing still.

Your humble narrator,
Manny Funkowitz

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