Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Movie Preview

In the middle of a cross country move...sorry for the delay on this as well as my lack of presence here. I'll be back up in full form soon. Miss you all.

Wow that went by fast. I really can't believe Summer is over and the Fall movie season is about to begin. I missed out on a lot of great stuff this Summer which hopefully I'll be able to catch up on. Life is definitely never dull in the house of Bence. Without further ado I bring you my Fall Movie Preview Spectacular. For the sake of this article Fall is defined as September through November.

10. The Man With The Iron Fists - Rza
This could be bottled insanity, or it could be shit. I'm hoping it's fun.

9. Solomon Kane - Michael Basset
This was actually made a long time ago, but finally got distribution here in the states. If you don't know who Basset is, check out some of his earlier work. The guy can build atmosphere and is so good at drawing you into the story with interesting characters. Here we have an adaptation of Solomon Kane and his fight against evil. This poses to be a much different take on the hero genre.

8. Wreck-it Ralph - Rich Moore
The ultimate nerdgasm. Video game characters live inside the machines. They have self help groups and portals. RC and I will be there opening night.

7. Argo - Ben Affleck
There is a continuous growth in his work as a director. While neither film has completely blown me away, both have intrigued me and had a lot to like. This looks to be the film that catapults him into a strong director. The story is amazing and the feel that the trailers give off makes me think Affleck nails this one. Here's hoping.

6. Seven Psychopaths - Martin McDonagh
The McDonagh brothers are a sardonically funny bunch. Can't wait to see this film, In Bruges was brilliant dark comedy that showed the talent we saw in Farrell's early career. Hoping he pulls another amazing performance and delivers the same laugh out loud incredibly dark situations we had in the first film.

5. Lincoln - Steven Spielberg
Maybe the most excited I've been for a Spielberg film in a long while. And no matter what the man has earned a place here for the rest of his career. Us here at the Maus were said to see Neeson leave this project, but damn if Daniel Day Lewis doesn't look amazing as Lincoln.

4. Skyfall - Sam Mendes
Fuck you, I liked Quantum of Solace. Besides that, Craig is just beyond cool as Bond and Mendes is an amazing director. I love Jarhead and Manny would get upset if I didn't mention how great Road to Perdition was.

3. Cloud Atlas - Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer
I'm much more excited about Tykwer's involvement than the Wachowskis. Either way both directors have bold visual eyes and the trailers give us a sense of something completely epic. I didn't hate Speed Racer, but I definitely didn't love it. And for me The Matrix does not age well. I love Perfume and The Princess and the Warrior. Hoping these three directors came together to create something amazing

2. Looper - Rian Johnson
If it weren't for The Master this would own the Fall for me. Time Travel? Rian Johnson's amazing dialogue and Levitt? I'm there.

1. The Master - Paul Thomas Anderson
Hey Nolan, here's your competition.


This was just announced a few weeks ago that it would actually get released this year. Alright, I'm intrigued ...,


  1. My comments on your Fall movie comments....

    1. Saw Looper Saturday, my favorite film of the year so far. Big fan of Johnson since seeing "Brick" at the Camelview way back when, and this is his best yet. The best sci-fi film since Inception, it did a great job of mixing style AND substance.

    2. Excited for Skyfall, though Quantum of Solace is one of the worst edited big budget films I've ever seen, definitely in my lower 5 Bond film list...and what did they do? Hire yet another guy known for anything but action. However, I do hold Mendes in higher regard, after all...Road to friggin' Perdition, and the trailer seems add back the fun in the series that has been lacking without going goofy with it.

    3. I have high hopes for Seven Psychopaths. It doesn't look good by the trailer, but I have to remember In Bruges didn't either (mismarketed as a poor Snatch styled comedy) and after seeing it (at the Camelview...again) despite being early on in '08, it still ended up as my #2 that year. Here's hoping for another mismarketed great film.

  2. Johnson is such a great stylist, really a master at making things "cool" and amazing on a cinematic level. His writing is so unique too in his ability to pay homage to the likes of Hawks and Fuller.

    Like I said "fuck you, I like Quantum of Solace".....not in my top five bonds but def not in the lower. Moore gets really silly, even though Live Amd Let Die and Man With The Golden Gun are badass. It's hard to top Connery....and can we get some love for Lazenby.

    I hate the marketing for In Bruges., really unfair to the film. Did you see The Guard....directed by his brother?