Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Gonzi won't be voting for Hillary in 2016

To say I grew up in a liberal household when I was growing up would probably be the biggest understatement I've ever made. My parents are 2 Puerto Ricans who grew up in New York City. My dad was a librarian at a college for most of my life. We had a celebration in my house when Nixon died; so of course I grew up to be a liberal. And all of my adult life has been spent voting for democrats; in spite of the sour taste put in my mouth from my very first vote cast for one Al Gore in 2000.

So one would think that in the almost near certainty of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016, that she could count on support from Gonzi. 

Not so fast there, Lady McPants suit. Here are some of the reasons I personally won't be voting for Hill Dawg. 

The Kennedy's, The Bush's, and The Clintons: With great power, comes great responsibility.....that most people ignore and just use the power for their benefit. Did you know that Ted Kennedy drowned a woman? Drowned! And then fled the scene! Do you know what his punishment was? He got only got to be Senator instead of President. Did you know that Laura Bush killed a guy? Killed! And that's only the deaths we can prove! And these are the kind of families you want in continually in the White House? Wasn't the whole reason this country was founded was to get away from families running nations for hundreds of years? Oh but they were elected so it's different. Yeah..don't piss in my mug and tell me it's coffee.

....Yeah...I'M paranoid though. 

Not all Clinton's are created equally: You know those 2 brothers. One is cool, the charismatic one. The other can't communicate properly, gets flustered, etc. You also know that married couple that are opposites: one's kinda quiet...the other is a raving lunatic. No example could be more on point than that of Bill and Hill. Bill is smooth. So smooth in fact that he convinced (in the words of Tommy from Goodfellas) "A Jew Broad" to give him head in his office. Hillary gets her jollies off by making her young staffers cry. Hillary will rule with a chip on her shoulder; constantly trying to brush of inevitable comparisons to Bill. It's not a good look.

I'm drowning in a Sea of Red: So in spite of my political views, I live in a red state. In a consistently red district. In other words, my vote doesn't matter. Got that? Even if I let the red surrounding me actually poison wouldn't matter...because these Republicans were gonna win anyway. 'My' Governor, Both Senators, Congressman, State Senators, State Legislators, City Council, and probably my mail man are all Republicans. Hillary isn't winning Arizona. You can forget about that shit right now. So the way I see it, and this is key, if I'm gonna 'waste' my vote, I might as well 'waste' it on a candidate who isn't backed by a Super PAC and actually walks the walk when it comes to 'being liberal'. I'm looking at you Bernie. Make it happen with the Green Party.

But I know that will never happen. The bottom line is this: Voting in America...especially when it comes to presidential useless.

Got that? USELESS. Between Citizen's United, the bullshit electoral college, gerrymandering districts, and THIS FUCKING TWO PARTY DOMINANCE....we are all at the will of the wealthy.

The will of the Bush's, the Kennedy's, the Clintons, The Koch Brothers, and the rest of the Illuminati....(YEAH NIGGA I SAID IT!)

I'm not wasting my time and I'm not signing off on any 'leaders' these wealthy cunts are putting in front of my face. And the sooner you all get angry about this, the sooner we'll get people worth voting for. Fuck "voting for the greater of two evils". Why would you ever give someone who you know nothing about other than what gang they belong to your vote? Or vote for someone just because of what their last name is. What does that say about you?

To me it says either you don't know or don't care. Either case is inexcusable. We have computers...we have internet....Google some shit! Find out how they are funding their campaign...who's donating to them...that will tell you almost all you need to know. Connect to these politicians...ask them why they supported something. If they give you the time of day and they come off honest, that tells you pretty much everything you need to know as well. Don't be a sheep.

Or...just keep doing what you've been doing. Vote for Hillary...what do I give a shit.

Hillary can eat a DICK as far as I'm concerned.

Word to Monica.

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