Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27th 2011... Yawn, Oscars... Who Cares.

With the amount activity going on the world today (such as the Middle East or Wisconsin), I cannot see why anyone cares about the Oscars. Yet, here we are again... It has been a quick year and now the Oscars are back with their rudimentary brand of politics! I better get this diatribe out before I get censored by the music.

I used to love the Oscars before it became an exercise in making sure everyone wins at least once and less on merit. Now, it is simply a popularity contest more in tune with the short attention span of American culture. Seriously... Avatar was nominated for nine awards! Chicago wins Best Picture! Are you kidding me! The Academy has lost touch with its sense of purpose a long long time ago and frankly do not matter anymore.

The worst part of Oscar season besides the lead up to them is the apologists who keep trying to drum up support for them. Case in point, Matt Whitfield's 8 Reasons to Watch the Oscars. I decided to give this a read and even I do not believe this guy is excited about any of these reasons. Also, he strikes me as one of those posers who does not see any of the nominees until they were announced in January. This type of vapid discourse is ultimately killing the art of cinema in the United States. The number one reason to watch the Oscars is "Fashion, Fashion, Fashion," sorry this the last reason to watch this since it is the Oscars not the Lux Style Awards. This is the problem with the Oscars, it has become all about style and not substance.

I do not know about you guys but I stopped watching the Oscars in 2002 and I will not be tuning in because James Franco and Anne Hathaway are hosting. (This actually put me off further because its pretentious nature) Get back to awarding films, actors and such that deserve not because they were snubbed in the past... Then I will watch. In short, LOCATE WHAT MADE PAST OSCARS GREAT... You know, a PURPOSE.

P.S. Whitfield you are an idiot on two counts: One) Obviously the selection of Gervais worked since you are still talking about an awards ceremony that means nothing and is even worse than the Oscars. At this time last year, everyone forgot about them... Some controversy creates longevity. Two) The only time some is added to the in memoriam slideshow is the year they die. Haim did not make it now or ever nor should he... His contribution to American cinema was minimal to say the least and he would simply take up space. Of course, if the Oscars continue to decline in relevance, he has a spot in the 2050 slideshow.


  1. I'm sorry, but I bet to differ on the fashion front. The only reason half (if not more) of America watches the Oscars (or any awards show, for that matter) is because of the fashion. It IS a "lux fashion award." I believe it has transformed into this because there hasn't been an original, successful, non-douchey (for lack of better terminology) film made in years!! Now, I'm probably the LEAST qualified of anyone on this blog to discuss film, but really? Eight thousand remakes, fucking bullshit rom-coms and movies about vampires is what qualifies for great cinema?? SMH.

  2. ps. Mila Kunis looked smashing.

  3. You certainly have a point... Why else would anyone want to sit through this six hours of excruciating pandering?

  4. Also, I was talking about the Oscars not this blog... Just wanted to clarify. Also, Kunis always looks smashing.

  5. This blog is more like 4 hours...just wanted to clarify