Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year and Many Happy Returns!

Who is this scoundrel speaking to you? I suppose that I had that coming since I have been rather absent of late. Hopefully this new year will result in some more posts from your truly. After all, New Years serve as new beginnings and all that jazz. Thankfully for all of you fine gentle folk, you get to suffer through some posts that I have in my backlog. Now, you can groan collectively.

While the new year is something to be celebrated, we here at the Maus have small achievement to celebrate as well. Honestly, a state of union post should have been posted sooner but I have been flooded with the whole work, teaching and becoming professor Funkowitz thing. Anyway, roughly a month ago, PORTEmaus had passed 90,000 hits. This might seem like a minor achievement in the world of Interweb traffic usage but it is a big deal to use small time gents. So, bust out the champagne and have one on us! Without all of you, we are nothing.


Your humble servant,

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