Friday, December 2, 2011

Better late than never: PORTEcast Vol. III

Summer 2011 PorteCast Vol 3 by mfunkowitz

The Summer Movie season ended a little while ago and by little, I mean roughly four months. I know that many of you have been on pins and needles for the third volume of the PORTEcast on that very subject. Well, your patience has paid off. For your belated listening pleasure, here is volume three for download here (Should you want to listen to it later). In the future these PORTEcasts will be released with more frequency than they have in the past. Gonzi and I have been conspiring recently on the subject and you know something good will come out of it. Until next time my poppets...

Your humble servant,


  1. I'm glad the all nighter I spent editing those three beauties has finally been justified.

  2. I really feel bad about not getting it up sooner... It was good stuff. Lousy school work and my inherent laziness.