Thursday, November 24, 2011

You know, Benjamin Franklin was on to Something.

It is Thanksgiving and from my perspective, it is the greatest of all holidays (Although, it is quickly becoming a forgotten one). Sure, Halloween has the costumes/ candy and Christmas has presents. Thanksgiving has the winged and altogether delicious beast shown above. You cannot beat a succulent and moist turkey! In fact, I am creating a new movement (yes, I am creating yet another movement), to resurrect the cause of Benjamin Franklin's of getting the national bird to be the turkey.

Any whether you bake, broil or flash fry it, have a turkey leg for us here at PORTEmaus. Gather those close to you and have a great Thanksgiving, consume as much food as possible and then pass out. After all, you need your rest if you decide to venture out into the world for the blackest of Fridays.

From one turkey enthusiast to another,

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